Have I improved?

I think I’ve improved as a person, but as a student I’m not so sure. I don’t play school well and I don’t manage time very well. My grades aren’t the best but most of the time I try my best.

Poem Week 3

I believe that we all fall down sometimes, I believe that we all break down sometimes, I believe that we all mess up sometimes, sometimes we all break, ┬átime heals all wounds. sometimes…

Poem Week 2

I find the world sad. Full of hate and destruction, I find the world beautiful. Full of love and compassion, I find the world mysterious. Full of unexplored water and incomplete stories, I find the world broken. Full of divided countries and boundaries.

Family Traditions

Every new years eve my family and I get some metal and melt it down. We pull it out of the pot we melted it in and try to see shapes. We have a book that tells us what the images we see in the metal are and what we see predicts how our new […]

Week 4 Blog

Judging people by their skin color is so pointless because you can’t choose your skin color. It just makes people more unique and I feel like that’s really important. People can be who they want and I find that really important that you’re who you want to be.

Hello world!

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